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"when i paint, every color toys with my senses..."
"try to understand why i see colors like lovers of movement and light"


Dec 29, 2020

"I got some of @rhemasrt for Christmas and I can't express to you how much I love it. The best surprise gift ever."



Nov 18, 2020

"We purchased this original piece, "feel like possibility". Thank you, Rhema! It is even more captivating in person than photos can convey!"


Jess N.

Nov 24, 2020

"This beautiful piece of artwork arrived today! Rhema is an incredibly talented artist with an amazing story. Rhema, I'm a huge fan of your art!"



My name is Rhema and I am autistic.

Several years ago I found my voice through pointing on my board. It was my only way to share the story of how God saved me and I am so happy to tell it to the world.

When I was younger I could not speak with my mouth but I understood everything. It was so frustrating to not be able to tell anyone how I felt. So I often hurt myself and did destructive things. It was a very painful time in my life. No one could help me so I was full of despair.

I prayed for help and one day God told me He someday would give me a voice so much bigger than anything I could imagine. Soon after that I was praying and thanking God for His promise to me.

One day my mother took me to learn RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) and I knew this would be the way I would have my voice. My mother spent many months with me working until I could spell on my board.

Today I am able to say Jesus is my Savior and He is my hope. So much of my words really come from Him. He is my strength in my so weak self. And I boast in my really weak self so His power shines through.

This is my story.

"so much i want to say about how i love to color

every time i try to say what it means i get tongue tied

so much joy comes when i start to think about how coloring makes me feel

it is something i cant explain

i love reds and greens and blues and browns

i love the way the tones run together

it soothes me so much that i cant stop inventing new ways to color

my favorite thing to draw is swirls like vincent van gogh starry night

my points are smartly drawn and every line has purpose

i try not to steal markers but i cant stop sometimes it is too comfortng

when i color the world is my friend

so thankful to God for colors"

"yellows play with me when i skip into memories of childhood.
reds always recharge me like calming.
brown has some intense notes of misery and longing.
blues very much make me amused.
black is pleasing and strong."

love rhema.



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