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  • What is Rhema's painting process?
    Rhema takes joy in painting everything around her. The floor, her hair and clothes, both sides of a canvas... even her paintbrush handles and palettes are purposefully painted. Sometimes she will use an app on her iPad to request certain colors for her artwork. Other times she will just grab the nearest bottle of paint. She prefers to paint on paper or canvas flat on the ground. She usually starts and finishes a painting in one sitting, which can last for hours.
  • What are the shipping options for original paintings?
    Shipping of original paintings is currently from Poland. Shipping estimates to the US are as follows: 18 x 24 cm: $25 24 x 30 cm: $50 30 x 40 cm: $75 50 x 50 cm: $90 50 x 70 cm: $100 80 x 80 cm: $150 Each work of art is shipped separately even if multiple paintings are ordered. If you are interested in purchasing an original painting please contact us at and send your address. We will then contact you with the specific shipping price. Original paintings cannot be delivered to post office boxes. They can be delivered to corporate or residential addresses only. Shipping includes tracking, insurance, and professional packaging.
  • What are the shipping options for prints?
    Shipping for prints (unframed) is currently FREE worldwide. Shipping for framed prints is based on size and location and will be updated at checkout. Due to Covid-19, the fulfillment of orders is taking up to 2-4 weeks, based on location. If you are interested in ordering multiple prints or in bulk, please contact us for assistance.
  • Is it possible to get more information on a painting before purchasing?
    Yes! We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Please contact us with any questions you have. It is also possible to set up a Skype or Zoom call to view the paintings and learn more about Rhema.
  • Does Rhema take commissions?
    She says Yes! She's never done this before, but she is open to it. Please contact us at or use the contact form to discuss any ideas you have regarding commissioned works.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We aim for all information, photographs and shipping information to be as accurate as possible. Therefore all sales are final, except in the case of damage. If your painting has been damaged, if able, make the courier aware upon receipt. You can email us at with any problems regarding your order and we will try our best to rectify any issues.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Currently PayPal and Offline Payments.
  • Will the artwork actually look the same as it does on my computer screen?
    As all computer monitors are different, the tones and colors you see on screen may vary slightly from the work itself. It is advisable to measure out the painting using the dimensions above to make sure it will fit your space perfectly.
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