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"northern lights" 30 x 40

"northern lights" 30 x 40


"i have really realized that God has a perfect order and everything is under his control. in this whole world God made me that is amazing."


Original Artwork by Rhema. Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 1.6 x 40 cm (12 x 16 in).


This unique piece is hand painted on cotton canvas with a solid wooden frame. The painting is made of white, blue, green, and purple colors. The painting is finished with acrylic gloss varnish to protect and ensure the longevity of the piece. The piece is signed in the back.


The painting will be packaged and shipped with care from Poland. 


*If you are buying from the U.S. or outside of Poland, please contact us before purchasing and we will send you the pricing info for shipping. For more information on shipping estimates, please visit our FAQ.

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